SelfSubmits’ Future

Shortly, SelfSubmits will be taken down, along with all of it’s content.
There are a multitude of reasons I came to this decision, first and foremost being that I’ve only received three or four submissions in the past six months.
I’d also like to start exploring some of my newfound kinks, and I hope that I can run another fairly successful porn blog like SelfSubmits!

Thank you so much to everybody who has followed me, liked or reblogged my posts, or sent me asks and submits!
I’ve had a fun two years on Tumblr finding new things that get me hot and bothered, and I hope I helped you all get off at least once. ;)
Much love, Claire of SelfSubmits.@

PS. The blog will continue to be up for another week before I take it down.


Anonymous asked:

your post about just the word misogyny getting you wet now was great beause thanks to your blog, I get hard now every time I think of the words "gender traitor." so hot, the idea of women not just selling themselves out but actively undermining feminism. wish universities had a Gender Traitor Studies program where girls were taught to make poor choices for nothing more than maybe an orgasm if theyre lucky.

feminist-rapebait answered:

I mean….I like the part about girls making poor choices for an orgasm. Isn’t that what college does to them anyway? Why be crude with a course? It’s an unwritten rule of our society and biology.